Constellation Workshops provide an opportunity to explore and illuminate the dynamics behind personal difficulties in a fresh way.

These workshops provide a safe, supportive and accessible introduction to constellation work, in a loving, calm and clear environment. I would wholeheartedly recommend this work to anyone who feels drawn towards constellations

A constellation creates a ‘living map’ of a personal, family or other relational issue and provides a new perspective on complex, enduring or apparently intractable challenges.

Hidden dynamics surface and new paths to resolution emerge.

For an indication of the kind of issues which the workshops can help clarify and resolve please see the Issues page.

The next workshop will be Saturday 30th May Booking Now

For the full schedule of our regular workshops please visit the WHEN page.

NOTE: These workshops are designed to provide an accessibly priced gateway to this way of working for any person who is committed to seeking clarity and change on challenging personal issues. As a result these systemic constellation workshops, now in their seventh year, can get booked up well in advance. To avoid disappointment please let us know if you would like to attend on a particular date and we will send you a booking form for completion. The return of the form together with your payment will secure your place.

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