Other Events

May 2018

Sat 26th


July 2018

Sat 28th


Five Elements Constellations (London)

Facilitator: Emerson Bastos

This is a resolution focused self-development workshop. The combination of these two approaches, 5 Elements and Family/Systemic constellation, allows us to reveal the true way our own personal 5 elements (five aspects of the Self) are in themselves and how each of them is relating to all others.

This insight allows hidden inner dynamics to be known, creating the possibility of positive and supportive shifts in our inner dynamics and consequently in the way we experience life.

June 2018

Fri (eve) 15th – Sun 17th



Summer 3 day Residential Constellation Workshop (Yorkshire)

From entanglement to connection: Exploring life and work through systemic constellations, including a societal constellation

Venue: Fell Edge (Yorkshire)

Facilitators: Janet Hermann and Lynn Stoney

After April £195 (issue place), £100 (rep place),


October 2018

Thursday 4th – Friday 5th

‘Colonialism and Its Aftermath’ (A special collaborative event)

Imperialism in its colonial form is among the greater forces that have shaped human history. Its complex legacy has shaped individual lives, families, cultures, tribes, clans and the destiny of entire nations. During this workshop experience we will explore possible connections to unresolved traumas within our trans-generational family systems, using both personal and large group constellations.

The port city of Bristol, in Southwest England, has been chosen for this event in view of its pivotal role in the British slave trade that contributed to the expansion of the British Empire and its colonies. Man’s inhumanity to man has been known since our earliest days and various forms of human bondage and trafficking continue to this day.  The focus will vary according to the needs of individual participants.

Venue: M Shed, Bristol

Facilitator: Anngwyn St Just

Organisers: Barbara Morgan, Lynn Stoney, Janet Hermann, Paul Stoney

Full cost £275, Early Bird (before June 30th) £225

Concessions available on request

For more information and booking visit www.justconstellations.com

October 2018

Sat 20th & Sun 21st
Open Circles (Salisbury)

The Open Circle will be a two day mix of experiential work, theoretical teaching and constellations. The Open Circle provides an unfolding of principles that lie beneath.

Facilitator:  Lynn Stoney | Cost £140