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Sat 30th Sept




Sat 13th Jan


Five Elements constellation workshop

Facilitator: Emerson Bastos

This is a resolution focused self-development workshop. The combination of these two approaches, 5 Elements and Family/Systemic constellation, allows us to reveal the true way our own personal 5 elements (five aspects of the Self) are in themselves and how each of them is relating to all others.

This insight allows hidden inner dynamics to be known, creating the possibility of positive and supportive shifts in our inner dynamics and consequently in the way we experience life.


Sat 18th Nov
Societal Constellation

A PCSR (Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility) event , open to all. Booking essential.

A powerful way of engaging with large societal issues such as Brexit or the global refugee crisis

Facilitators: Janet Hermann & Lynn Stoney

Venue: St Pancras Community Centre, 67 Plender Street, London NW1 0LB