We are committed to inclusivity and creating a low cost gateway to the work of systemic constellations from which we have all benefitted personally .

We experience this resourcing work as strengthening connections between everyone and everything and believe it has a harmonising effect on the wider society and the environment.

All members of the team have completed trainings with  the Hellinger Institute of Great Britain and / or its successor, The Centre for Systemic Constellations and have subsequently taken part in a variety of international trainings for constellation facilitators.



In order to make the work accessible to everyone, we keep the cost of the regular weekend workshops as low as we can given the high cost of accommodation in London. From January 2020 the fee for those who wish to work directly on their issue will be £80 for a one day workshop (£160 for a two day workshop). Representative or observer places will be £40 and £80 respectively. If financial circumstances exclude anyone from booking a place, we offer a concessionary rate.

Refund Policy
In order to keep to our commitment to affordability and inclusiveness and protect the low cost of our monthly workshops, we do not offer refunds on cancelled places. In exceptional circumstances we may offer a deferment.

Bursary Fund
Any donations we receive go into our bursary fund from which grants can be given where there are special circumstances that prevent access to our monthly workshops. Applications to the fund need to be made well in advance of attendance at a workshop. Donations , however small are always welcome as they will help the fund grow and enable us to keep to our commitment to making these workshops accessible to everyone.

Our Next Workshops

Sat 25th April 2020

This workshop will now be offered online using zoom technology due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Please contact info@constellationworkshops.co.uk for more details.


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